This is a tough one because there are so many places to choose from. Weíll give you our favorites and some links.

Within easy walking distance:

Unit 703: Breakfast, walk to the end of the parking lot and go left; not very far up on the left you will see a small restaurant on the left, they server a good breakfast and itís reasonably priced. Also, you canít miss Dennyís if thatís what your up for. Right next door is the Holiday Inn, go out on the beach and turn left, they have a breakfast buffet for about $10. If you head up 520 off A1A on your right about 1 mile is the Sun Rise Cafe, very good food and served faster than you can imagine (lunch and dinner also available).

Lunch; Deli, Dennyís and if you go right thereís a deli on the left, not great but not bad and very close. If you are on the beach walk to Holiday Inn right next door to Mambos where they serve a nice lunch selection at reasonable prices. Pizza go to Bizzaros, make a left out of the complex and drive about 20 minutes to second light past Patricks Air Force Base and turn right.

Dinner, again go left and on the right hand side of the street you will see Rum Runners; it doesnít look like much but the food is absolutely excellent. Anything from the specials menu will be great and they have the best  clam chowder. However, if you are looking for Maryland style crab cakes, this isnít the place.  Also in the same direction and on the right is is the Pig & Whistle another good bet; Dennyís is still there and the Holiday Inn has a dinner buffet for $14 or try Mamobs. About one mile to the left there are a number of nice places. Ying Yings is especially good and moderately priced.

Unit 206: As this unit is just a block from the Pier and a few blocks from Ron Jons, the choices are too numerous. Just take a stroll in most any direction and you will find many choices.

Short Drive:

Go to 520 (at Ron Jons) and turn west (away from the ocean is always west). On the left you will see the SunSet Cafe; beautiful setting on the water the food is fair and itís reasonable. Get there around sunset and itís quite beautiful. Generally live music by the bar. Go past the SunSet Cafe and over the bridge to the first light and turn left, on the left you will see Banana Breeze. Very nice beach type bar area on the water,  live entertainment on weekends, pool tables inside. Further up 520 on the left you will see Crab Haven which has very good seafood to include pretty good Maryland style crab cakes and crab soup. If you want steamed crabs, the Old Fish house just ľ mile up 520 from A1A on your right is a must.

Take a right and go to the Port Terminal follow the signs to Suncruz and turn left it will be on your right, Rustys Seafood and Oyster Bar; live entertainment on Friday and Saturday nights, right on the water.  Specials from 3:00PM to 6:00PM. Get there before 5 on Saturday or Sunday and watch the curies ships load up and sail out; great oysters and wings among other things, inexpensive. On your way you will see Grills, also on the water, entertainment, food and lively large beach type bar area that draws a crowd, food is fair. Next door is Fish Lips with a nice open outside eating area and good food and live music sometimes.  In this area you will find may dining and entertainment choices.

Guest Suggestions

5/25/05 - We also found two upscale restaurants well worth recommending. The Heidelberg on Minutemen Causeway - excellent food and atmosphere - after dinner  we went into the jazz club and had a wonderful time - very friendly owner and staff.  The other is located in Cocoa Village - Cafe Margaux - excellent food - outside or inside dining. Nicci Nuccio

 Click Hereís a long list of dining establishments

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